Tax Surveys

The AGN European Region conducts annual surveys of corporate taxes, parent companies, self employed, value added (VAT), salary and social security and inheritance taxes. These surveys have been produced for a number of years and provide interesting comparisons from year to year and from country to country and give an insight into trends.

Each Survey makes a comparison on a specific tax between all European countries when applicable.
Each Article is a summary of a tax overall situation involving all European countries, according to the survey of the same year.

Tax Brochures 2014

This is a set of 6 A4 size brochures, containing a European Comparison of main tax topics for some 20-30 countries.
The brochures are for Corporate Tax, Parent Companies, Gift & InheritanceTax, Salaries and Social Security, Self Employed and VAT.

Each brochure contains a table that shows the main aspects of the Tax that are easily and quickly compared for over 20 European Countries. There is also a graph with the most important data graphically compared and also an article with an overview of the European situation in 2014.

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