Playing The Keyboard: What Can I Do To Improve?

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Before being able to play songs you love that are complicated while blasting it with a keyboard amplifier (Mark Muller’s review might help in this aspect), you must first learn the basic skills necessary for you to be able to move up the ladder in playing this instrument.

Keyboard vs. Piano

There’s actually not much difference between a piano and an electronic keyboard in terms of sound except that the piano truly has that rich acoustic texture whereas keyboard has more options from acoustic sounds down to techno style (though this may vary depending on your choice of electronic keyboard). Still, they function the same in the sense that they both use the same keys and follow the same principles in playing. Thus, most of the tips for improvement presented below may work for those of you playing either of the instrument.

Tips to Improve

Before you can turn into Mozart, you must first go through a series of tips and steps that will hone your piano skills.

  • Stick with using a keyboard bench.

When playing the keyboard or the piano, the posture of the body is very important; in order for you to not easily get tired, you must be able to follow the right body posture while playing. One way to make sure that you would be able to do so is by using a keyboard bench or piano seat instead of a normal stool or chair. Remember that when your body posture isn’t correct, your hand position might also be affected and this would actually affect the way you play.

  • Practice the C-shape position.

One of the most difficult adjustments that have to be made by keyboard or piano beginners is the C-shape hand position which is a must in the piano world. If you do not follow this hand positioning, you will not be able to play well. It may take a toll on you by making it harder for you to reach farther keys. Not following the right hand position may also cause your hand to easily get tired while playing. Hence, the study the C-shape position and as much as possible, always be conscious about it.

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  • Familiarize the keys.

So that playing the keyboard or piano would be much easier, familiarize (or memorize) the major keys such as A B C D E F G, the sharps and flats will be understood much easier when you’ve finally mastered detecting these keys on the keyboard. Moreover, learn to determine where the middle C is for this serves as your point of reference always.

  • Do song exercises.

Before actually playing a legitimate song piece, you must never forget to do a couple of exercises that will prepare your fingers for more complicated movements. Hence, simple exercises such as Do, Re, Mi should be played first.

  • Do not overplay.

When you feel your fingers, wrist, or hand, in general, become sore, take some time off to relax. Never overplay for this might only strain your nerves. Always know your limits when it comes to playing any instrument.

  • Practice constantly.

Just like combat sports, you have to constantly practice your skills in playing a musical instrument.  As much as possible, practice everyday. If you truly wish to improve in playing, your system should not forget about the skills; hence, playing every single day even for just 30 minutes or so will make the skills more automatic. It allows your mind to get to know the basic movements better and this is an essential key for becoming better in playing the piano.

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