Features of Preloaded Flash Drives

We live in a digital world, and the analogue era is practically left behind. The company is already abandoning the paper books, just visit the video store to rent movies, it no longer reveals as many photographs as when the 35mm reels existed, and you no longer believe in the Compact-Disc to listen to music.

USB memory is an essential solution adopted by virtually all consumers and users, whose maximum benefit lies in the transport of large amounts of information in a super reduced physical space. USB memory is even the most convenient alternative to the use of mobile hard drives, because they also offer greater reliability over time.

Preloaded Flash Drives:

Many times our clients want to have their data preloaded on their custom flash drives before we ship them. We’re data and publication professionals. There are a number of different ways to showcase your data and to load it onto your flash drives quickly. This will work with your devices with help of certain software’s to submit data. Data preloading is done for following purposes.

  • Windows Icon & Custom Flash Drive Label
  • Simple Preload
  • Write Protection – Lock the Files onto your preloaded flash drives
  • Copy-Protection/Encryption – Lock the Files onto the Flash Drive
  • Serialization – Make each drive unique.

You can get them preloaded off-site in bulk to use them with ease at your business premises.

Process of Preloaded Flash Drive:

When you’re preloaded flash drive lands in the hands of your end-user, and the user plugs it into a PC, a drive icon and name will be listed on their computer. This makes all of your preloaded flash drives easy to use regardless of how tech-savvy the user is. Users will be able to store their own personal data while easily navigating and accessing any preloaded data you want to include, making our preloaded flash drives a top-quality combination of promotional material and user storage device. Prospects and customers won’t forget your brand with one or more of these flash drives.


Importance of Preloaded flash drives:

USB memory is vital in people’s everyday lives, both for domestic use and for use in work environments, for those who need to handle all types of information and digital content, making it much easier to copy content from one computer to another: the USB memory has successfully replaced the data CD and DVD, bringing more flexibility when copying and organizing the data (moving them or grouping them in folders, for example).

Hence having flash drives preloaded with company software or data is essential for business these days where there is very little time to execute and process data. Flash drives are plug and play devices that do not require any kind of software installation on your devices since they operate by the built-in, auto run file that is auto-readable by the computer system with which you connect them. Flash memory is very quickly and easily re-writeable and thus it is transferred easily from one computer to the other.

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