Dart Weights: How does it Affect Your Game?

It all started with you playing dart on parties with your friends. A hobby became one of your favorite sports and now you decided to take your game in the next level.

Playing darts may be fun and exciting, however, it can get frustrating for beginners. You have to learn the proper technique on how to hold the dart and release it in the air. Moreover, you need to know the basics of playing darts such as throwing techniques and the rules of the game.

Albeit, skills are important in playing this game, you also have to obtain the best darts for higher aiming success. Choosing a dart which is incompatible with your preferences will affect your performance. That is why professional dart players always advise choosing the right dart that complements with your playing style.

One aspect that can impact your game is the weight of darts. As you can observe, darts vary in weight due to the materials it is made from. The heaviest darts are made of tungsten whereas the lightest dart is designed from plastic.

Aside from the material that makes up the dart, the type of tip it has can add more weight on it. For instance, nickel darts is lighter compared to tungsten. This type of dart is recommended for beginners since it has a light feel but at the same time durable, unlike plastics. If such type of dart features a steel tip, it will add more weight to the shaft. However, if it uses a softer tip like plastic, it won’t affect the weight of the dart.

Between soft and hard tip darts, it is ideal to choose a steel tip one since it can penetrate traditional cork dartboards. On the other hand, soft tips are only used for electronic boards.

The most common weight of dart range from 16-20 grams. It does not mean you have to limit yourself in these numbers. You are free to choose a heavier dart or a lighter one depending on your skills and game. Remember, the weight of your dart can affect your throwing distance and consistency. Therefore, it is paramount to select a dart weight that you feel comfortable.

Your preference for dart weight will change over time. As you progress, you might look for heavier darts to play better. Hence, do not close your mind in trying other dart weights.

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