Starting a Business: Top Mistakes that you Need to Avoid When Applying for Business Loans

When starting a business, you need to get off a better ground with the right capital. Fortunately, there are banks and online lenders who are willing to supply the fund that you need to start a business. If you find applying for a business loan a better and only option, you have to make sure to avoid the following mistakes when applying for business loans.

Mistake #1: Incomplete Application Requirements

When you plan on applying for business loans, make sure that all your requirements are complete and updated. To qualify for a business loan, make sure to provide your business plan, have a copy of your credit scores and bank account statement, P&L statements. Also, do not forget to submit a copy of your income tax return.

Lenders and banks what to make sure that they are granting business loan applications to business people who are competent, knowledgeable on how to support and run a business, and responsible.

Mistake #2: Incomplete or Weak Business Plan

A business plan is essential in every form of business; in fact, it is critical when seeking business fund.

If you want to get approved with your business loan application, make sure to send a well-written and detailed business plan. Remember that your business plan is your business blueprint for a successful business in the future; so, make sure to include:

•    A detailed information about your products or services you want to offer
•    Your goals and objectives
•    Your primary target market
•    Your competitive landscape
•    Your marketing, production, and operational plan
•    Your projected revenues or financial projections

Mistake #3: Not determining what business loan to apply

Business loans have different types and forms; one of the common mistakes of new entrepreneurs is choosing the wrong type of business loan. A business loan may include the following:

•    SBA (Small Business Administration) Loans
•    Business Line of Credit
•    Business Term Loan
•    Short-Term Loan
•    Merchant Cash Advance
•    Equipment Financing
•    Business Credit Card
•    Commercial Mortgage
•    Startup Loan
•    Business Acquisition Loan
•    Accounts Receivable Financing

If you are looking for help when it comes to business loans and has a faster and easier business loan application try checking out a reliable lending website.

Mistake #4: Not borrowing the right amount of fund

While creating a business plan, you have to do some research on how much money will be required to start, support, and sustain your business. Since there are some inevitable business situations that will require you to produce enough money to support your business, make sure to apply a business loan that can support your business up to six months and able to patch up business problems.

Mistake #5: Being too confident

Being confident is essential to the success of the business; however, having too much of it will kill your business loan application. Banks and lenders want their borrowers to show some facts that they are capable of paying their loans; facts that include their credit scores, their current bank statements, and more. Thus, when you apply for a business loan, make sure to be confident with facts.

Playing The Keyboard: What Can I Do To Improve?

learning the keyboard

Before being able to play songs you love that are complicated while blasting it with a keyboard amplifier (Mark Muller’s review might help in this aspect), you must first learn the basic skills necessary for you to be able to move up the ladder in playing this instrument.

Keyboard vs. Piano

There’s actually not much difference between a piano and an electronic keyboard in terms of sound except that the piano truly has that rich acoustic texture whereas keyboard has more options from acoustic sounds down to techno style (though this may vary depending on your choice of electronic keyboard). Still, they function the same in the sense that they both use the same keys and follow the same principles in playing. Thus, most of the tips for improvement presented below may work for those of you playing either of the instrument.

Tips to Improve

Before you can turn into Mozart, you must first go through a series of tips and steps that will hone your piano skills.

  • Stick with using a keyboard bench.

When playing the keyboard or the piano, the posture of the body is very important; in order for you to not easily get tired, you must be able to follow the right body posture while playing. One way to make sure that you would be able to do so is by using a keyboard bench or piano seat instead of a normal stool or chair. Remember that when your body posture isn’t correct, your hand position might also be affected and this would actually affect the way you play.

  • Practice the C-shape position.

One of the most difficult adjustments that have to be made by keyboard or piano beginners is the C-shape hand position which is a must in the piano world. If you do not follow this hand positioning, you will not be able to play well. It may take a toll on you by making it harder for you to reach farther keys. Not following the right hand position may also cause your hand to easily get tired while playing. Hence, the study the C-shape position and as much as possible, always be conscious about it.

using amplifier for keyboard

  • Familiarize the keys.

So that playing the keyboard or piano would be much easier, familiarize (or memorize) the major keys such as A B C D E F G, the sharps and flats will be understood much easier when you’ve finally mastered detecting these keys on the keyboard. Moreover, learn to determine where the middle C is for this serves as your point of reference always.

  • Do song exercises.

Before actually playing a legitimate song piece, you must never forget to do a couple of exercises that will prepare your fingers for more complicated movements. Hence, simple exercises such as Do, Re, Mi should be played first.

  • Do not overplay.

When you feel your fingers, wrist, or hand, in general, become sore, take some time off to relax. Never overplay for this might only strain your nerves. Always know your limits when it comes to playing any instrument.

  • Practice constantly.

Just like combat sports, you have to constantly practice your skills in playing a musical instrument.  As much as possible, practice everyday. If you truly wish to improve in playing, your system should not forget about the skills; hence, playing every single day even for just 30 minutes or so will make the skills more automatic. It allows your mind to get to know the basic movements better and this is an essential key for becoming better in playing the piano.

Grappling Industry Picking up Speed

The Rave/Historic Eagles Club Grand Ballroom was filled with fist flying, kicks cracking, and heads hitting canvas after going lights out at the Knockout Kings kickboxing event this past Saturday, Aug. 10. The North America Fighting Championships presented the Knockout Kings hosting a 22 bout fight card. The card had three professional fights with a main event featuring a light heavyweight match up between Tim Nixon and Adam Vanderveen.

Tim “The Arch Angel” Nixon and Adam “Ares” Vanderveen battled in a high intensity kickboxing match. Vanderveen, fighting out of Pura Vida BJJ in Milwaukee, dominated Nixon from Team No Quit of Manistique, Michigan in a two round knockout.

Vanderveen cornered Nixon as he applied heavy pressure. The “Ares” blasted Nixon in the gut with a heavy right hook that dropped him to his behind starting a count. After an eight-count the fight resumed. Shortly after Vanderveen poured it on, he finished his opponent in the second round at 1:40.

David Rhoads won a unanimous decision over Jon Daubon. Rhoads had strong strikes that damaged his foe Daubon. Daubon proved to have a tough chin after taking multiple fists to his jaw. Daubon fights out of Oshkosh Athletic Club in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Rhoads fights out of Dukatz Academy in West Bend, Wisconsin. Rhoads won by unanimous decision with judge’s scores of 30-27, 29-26, 29-26.

Fight of the night would have to be awarded to the 180-pound catch weight battle between Jared McQuitter and DC Lewis. These two fighters exchanged blows immediately after the bell sounded. The pace of the fight was non-stop with tons of power being tossed in both directions. DC Lewis who fights out of Serrano Combat Sports in Milwaukee caught a strike that opened a large cut under the right eye. Both fighters became covered in the blood of Lewis. McQuitter, the taller, longer fighter, used his reach to keep distance on Lewis. McQuitter fights out of Roufusport Academy in Milwaukee. After cutting the explosive Lewis in round one, McQuitter continued to land well timed combos and kicks that landed flush to the ribs. McQuitter in a recent US Combat Sports interviewed mentioned his use of grappling dummies for MMA. 

McQuitter put enough combos together until the end of the three rounds to walk away with the unanimous decision. The Judges scored the bout 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 in favor of McQuitter.

A fun fight for the fans to watch was a female bout between Roufusport’s Jenny D’Acquisto and Jessica Wentland from Assoc Martial Arts in Columbia, Minnesota. The 125-pound Flyweight fighters put on an exciting bout for the fans at the Eagles Club Grand Ballroom. After three rounds the judges came to a surprising unanimous decision in favor of the Minnesota fighter Jessica Wentland by a score of 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.


Things You Must Know When It Comes To Data Aggregation

importance of data aggregation

Have you ever thought about what happens to all the information you provide online? From private social media platforms to online banking systems, even the online product labels you prefer; majority of us have turned to the use of the internet for our details as it offers greater convenience on our part. However, it’s not just us who are aware of our personal data; data aggregators, as well, know what we know.

It may sound a bit scary but actually, this is what makes the business worlds go round. For those who are keen on privacy concerns, we are happy to tell you that along with data aggregation, data sensitivity protection is also advancing to protect users.

Data Aggregation

Data aggregation refers to gathering and compiling information, in a summarized form, coming from databases for them to be sent to data processing or analysis. Data aggregation is actually practiced in data warehousing or data analytics. This process aids businesses in making decisions and calculations. An example of the use of data aggregation is showing the sales performance over regions; you can simply use aggregation to assess certain aspects such as product orders, etc.

Basically, the sources of the data may come from public records or other databases. These information are packaged into aggregate reports. Afterwards, they are sold to government agencies or businesses.

Importance of Data Aggregation

Data aggregation is truly important as the data supplied are useful most especially for business and marketing. Furthermore, individuals may even request for their very own consumer reports as well which they can then used for employee background checks or to aid decisions about insurance coverage and other aspects

social media platforms

Internet and Data Aggregation

With the advancement of technology, even wireless-assisted data aggregation has become possible. Of course, one great help for this is coming from the internet. The internet consolidates information; it screen scrapes. Although we have pins, usernames, and secret passwords, data aggregators still have access to the account information of users. In general, data aggregation services is very attractive to businesses as they will have the right information to draw more consumers towards their company.

Legalities of Data Aggregation

Some institutions, especially those concerned with money and finances, are worried about the possibility of security problems as well as intellectual property rights issues. Although screen scraping without consent will allow aggregators to gather almost all account information they have opened anywhere through the internet, this may deemed problematic in some instances and liabilities may arise from it. Thus, aggregators may obtain consent prior to using the information of the customer.

Benefits of Data Aggregation

With the capability of data aggregation, transferring large data would be a big help in comprehensive profiling of users. Information such as banking and credit card details (balances, transactions, securities, travel history, etc.). Fortunately, data protection consideration is also growing in its own place and so, data aggregators may become more accepted and understood when they decide to make use of the data.