Things You Must Know When It Comes To Data Aggregation

importance of data aggregation

Have you ever thought about what happens to all the information you provide online? From private social media platforms to online banking systems, even the online product labels you prefer; majority of us have turned to the use of the internet for our details as it offers greater convenience on our part. However, it’s not just us who are aware of our personal data; data aggregators, as well, know what we know.

It may sound a bit scary but actually, this is what makes the business worlds go round. For those who are keen on privacy concerns, we are happy to tell you that along with data aggregation, data sensitivity protection is also advancing to protect users.

Data Aggregation

Data aggregation refers to gathering and compiling information, in a summarized form, coming from databases for them to be sent to data processing or analysis. Data aggregation is actually practiced in data warehousing or data analytics. This process aids businesses in making decisions and calculations. An example of the use of data aggregation is showing the sales performance over regions; you can simply use aggregation to assess certain aspects such as product orders, etc.

Basically, the sources of the data may come from public records or other databases. These information are packaged into aggregate reports. Afterwards, they are sold to government agencies or businesses.

Importance of Data Aggregation

Data aggregation is truly important as the data supplied are useful most especially for business and marketing. Furthermore, individuals may even request for their very own consumer reports as well which they can then used for employee background checks or to aid decisions about insurance coverage and other aspects

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Internet and Data Aggregation

With the advancement of technology, even wireless-assisted data aggregation has become possible. Of course, one great help for this is coming from the internet. The internet consolidates information; it screen scrapes. Although we have pins, usernames, and secret passwords, data aggregators still have access to the account information of users. In general, data aggregation services is very attractive to businesses as they will have the right information to draw more consumers towards their company.

Legalities of Data Aggregation

Some institutions, especially those concerned with money and finances, are worried about the possibility of security problems as well as intellectual property rights issues. Although screen scraping without consent will allow aggregators to gather almost all account information they have opened anywhere through the internet, this may deemed problematic in some instances and liabilities may arise from it. Thus, aggregators may obtain consent prior to using the information of the customer.

Benefits of Data Aggregation

With the capability of data aggregation, transferring large data would be a big help in comprehensive profiling of users. Information such as banking and credit card details (balances, transactions, securities, travel history, etc.). Fortunately, data protection consideration is also growing in its own place and so, data aggregators may become more accepted and understood when they decide to make use of the data.

Tips in Dealing With Home Theater Projector Screen

diy movie screen

One of the most important things needed for setting up your own home theater, whether outdoor or indoor, is the movie screen. Without it, all other materials such as the projector, speakers and the movie player will be useless because obviously, there’s no way for you to watch the movie without a movie screen.

When deciding which screen will work well with your own theater, there are several factors to look into when it comes to the features of the screen. At AGN Europe, let us check out what these factors are.

Screen Size

The size of the screen will depend on the size of the area it will be placed in. Other than that, the size of the screen will also determine the quality of viewing the audience will have. The most ideal home theater screen size is that with a ratio of 16:9. Of course, wider screens are available as well. If the home theater is indoors, take note of the width and height of the room where the screen will be positioned.

Screen Fabric

When choosing the right screen fabric for you, look into the gain, reflectivity of the fabric, and its viewing angle or the maximum angle, from the center area, where you can still see a good quality image. These two factors will determine the quality of your viewing experience. Another factor to consider is the color of the fabric; the standard screen fabric color is white. However, you may use grey screens to have darker colors.

different types of screens

Screen Type

  • Portable Screens

Because these types of screens are portable, they are usually the best choice if you are looking into setting up an outdoor theater since there may be some readjustments and relocation of the theater materials. Portable screens are manual screens; often, they are the most inexpensive choice. So, if your theater is more likely the moving, non-permanent type; this is the best choice for you. Some great portable screens are the tripod, inflatable or folding frame.

  • Fixed-frame Screens

For those with permanent mounting required, a fixed-frame screen works best. Usually, this is used for indoor home theaters or auditoriums. Flat fixed-frame screens are the most common type; however, curved fixed-frame, from the recently trending curved television screens, screens are also gaining much popularity as it seemingly accommodates the audience from all corners better.

  • Electric Screens

The most expensive type of projector screen are the electric ones. Since, it uses a more modern technology, high-class home theaters would love to make use of this. Schools, offices , conference venues and auditoriums are fond of using this type of screen.


For those of you who wish to spend less and save more when it comes to movie screens; don’t worry, you may create your very own screen that fits your budget. To know more about this, check out